CNC plasma air pipe profile machine

Plasma CNC Pipe profile cutting machine

Product features:

1、Welding type platform, heavy-duty guide rails to improve the overall bearing capacity, humanized structure design man-machine exchange more reasonable, stable operation to improve the life.

2, independent research and development of pipe optimization CNC system, AutoCAD version of the engineering design drawings can be directly generated standard G code, three-dimensional simulation operations, node expansion, ultra-long pipe split, pipe optimization, etc., large EGES, DXF, SAT and STL and other software compatibility, free lifetime upgrades can be modified according to user process requirements.

3, Advantech industrial computers can be programmed directly on the machine. Use menu-based selection to input cutting parameters, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, bevel angle, deviation, compensation data, etc. Seamless connection through KASRY professional pipe cutting application.

1Cutting diameterΦ=20mm-600mm(2in-24in) or special design
2Plasma bevel thicknessAccording to plasma source
3Plasma sourceHypertherm/LGK/others
4thickness of pipe wallAccording to plasma source
5Valid cutting length6m/12m (20feet/40feet)
6Requirement of angle≤1%
7Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
8Moving speed10~6000 mm/min
9Cutting torch wave angle of axisα=±45°
10Cutting torch wave angle of diameterβ=±45°
11Can be cutting pipe max. Weight21000Kg

Pipe profile cutting machine adopt 5 axis moving system (cutting and beveling)

No.moving axisChoose cutting axis4+1 axis/3+1 axis
1X axisTube axis of rotationNecessary
2Y axisTorch moves horizontally along the axial axis of the tubeNecessary
3A axisTorch along the tube axis axial plane swingChoose
4B axisTorch along the tube axis radial plane swingChoose
5V axis compensation, track crashAuxiliary measurement, profile measurement, automaticThis axis do not linkage together

Here’s a breakdown of the key features and functions of a pipe plasma cutting beveling machine:

Plasma Cutting: Plasma cutting is a process that uses a focused, high-temperature plasma arc to cut through electrically conductive materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The plasma arc melts the metal and blows away the molten material, resulting in a clean, precise cut.

Pipe Cutting: The machine is designed to handle pipes of various diameters and lengths. It can accurately cut pipes with straight or beveled edges according to the requirements of the project.

Beveling: Beveling is the process of creating an angle or chamfer at the edge of a pipe or metal plate. It is commonly used to prepare joints for welding, improve fit-up, and enhance the overall structural integrity of the welded joints. The machine can produce different types of bevels, such as V-bevels, Y-bevels, J-bevels, and compound bevels.

CNC Control: Most modern pipe plasma cutting beveling machines are equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) systems. The CNC system allows operators to input the desired cutting parameters and bevel angles, which the machine then follows precisely during the cutting process.

Automated Operation: These machines are often fully automated or semi-automated, reducing the need for extensive manual labor. The CNC system controls the movement of the cutting torch and beveling head, resulting in consistent and accurate cuts.

Rotating Chuck: The pipe is secured in a rotating chuck or chucking system that allows the machine to rotate the pipe during the cutting and beveling process. This rotation enables the machine to produce precise bevels around the circumference of the pipe.

CAD/CAM Integration: Some advanced machines can be integrated with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. This integration streamlines the programming process and enables the machine to work directly from CAD drawings.

Safety Features: Safety is paramount when operating heavy machinery. Pipe plasma cutting beveling machines usually come with various safety features, such as protective enclosures, emergency stop buttons, and safety sensors to ensure the operator’s well-being.

Perfect pipe profile cutting tool

if cut large diameter pipe, choose the rolling bed machine