Keep your business safe

In the period of COVID, the Chinese government had a strict visit policy, which made most clients unable to visit companies to test machines before purchase. Some companies will use videos and photos stolen from manufacturers to scam.

To avoid the scams, Have a living meeting with the company you want to trade, visiting the workshop, office . or sent the professional independent investigation company.

If you cooperate with a trading company, please confirm the timeliness, cost, and suppliers of after- service. In order to reduce procurement costs, the contracts we signed with some traders do not include services. And confirm the detailed machine configuration and parts.

Live test

How to test and accept the machine

1: Test the machine configuration one by one

2: Confirm & test the machine cutting accuracy and cutting speed(different shapes)

3: Cut your drawings

4: Check design tools, nesting software.

5: Sign and mark each important parts of the machine

6:check the leaning/installation videos, spare parts, papers shipping with the machine

7: Check the packaging of the machine

8: have a responsible person when loading and shipping your equipment.