large diameter pipe cutting machine

pipe cutting and bevelling machine

Roller Bed large diameter pipe cnc plasma cutting beveling machine

1、CNC 6-axis rolling bed type pipe coherent cutting machine, can complete pipe coherent end and hole type flame or plasma cutting, welding bevel (AWS, API, fixed angle, fixed point, fixed) in one time, high precision and high efficiency.

2,High degree of automation of the equipment, only one operator is needed, which better solves the outstanding problems such as heavy pipe fittings, high environmental protection requirements and shortage of labor in enterprises.

3、The operator only needs to lift the pipe fittings in the loading area without loading card and finding the right, the system automatically completes the workpiece feeding, spray code numbering material, discharge cutting, automatic dust removal, finished product discharge and automatic torch height tracking, etc.

11Can be cutting pipe max. Weight2100Kg or customize
1Cutting diameterΦ=40mm-2000mm or customize
3Plasma sourceHypertherm/LGK/others
4Plasma cutting thickness of pipe wallAccording to plasma source
5Valid cutting length6m/12m (20feet/40feet) or customize
7Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
8Moving speed10~6000 mm/min

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A rolling bed large diameter pipe CNC plasma cutting and beveling machine is a specialized industrial machine designed for cutting and beveling large-diameter pipes using plasma cutting technology. Here’s an overview of its features and capabilities:

Rolling Bed Design: This machine is equipped with a rolling bed that supports and rotates the large-diameter pipes during the cutting and beveling process. The rolling bed allows for precise positioning and movement of the pipes, facilitating accurate and consistent cuts.

CNC Control System: professional CNC controller system, which interprets the design or CAD file and guides the plasma torch along the pipe’s surface, following the programmed cutting and beveling paths.

Large Diameter Pipe Compatibility: The machine is specifically designed to handle large-diameter pipes, typically ranging from several inches up to several feet in diameter. The rolling bed and supporting structures are built to accommodate the size and weight of these pipes, ensuring stability and accuracy during the cutting and beveling process.

Beveling Capability: In addition to cutting, the machine is equipped with beveling capabilities, allowing it to create various bevel angles and profiles on the pipe ends. This is especially useful for welding applications, where beveled edges facilitate proper joint preparation and welding quality.

Automation and Programming: The CNC control system allows for automation and programming of cutting and beveling operations. The machine can follow complex cutting paths, including straight cuts, bevels, and other shapes, as programmed in the CNC software. This automation improves efficiency, consistency, and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Integration with CAD Software: The machine often integrates with computer-aided design (CAD) software, allowing for seamless translation of 3D pipe models into cutting and beveling instructions. This integration streamlines the production process and ensures accurate replication of design specifications.

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