1530 cnc plasma cutting machine

plasma cutting table cnc

The plasma cutter is a versatile metal cutting machine. Plasma cutting technology is a widely used method of metal cutting that covers a wide range of metal materials and metal sheets of different thicknesses.

The plasma cutting machine heats the metal material until it melts through a high-temperature plasma arc and blows away the melted metal through an airflow to realize the cutting operation. Since plasma cutting technology uses a non-contact cutting method during the cutting process, there is no physical damage to the surface of the workpiece, thus reducing subsequent resharpening work.

Metal materials that plasma cutters can typically cut include, but are not limited to:

1:Stainless steel: including stainless steel 304, 316, etc.

2:Carbon steel: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, etc.

3:Aluminum alloys: such as aluminum alloys 6061, 5052, etc.

4:Copper and brass.

5:Titanium alloy.

Other metal materials.

Plasma cutting machine is widely used in many industrial fields, such as manufacturing, construction, automobile industry, shipbuilding and so on. Due to its high efficiency, flexibility and applicability, plasma cutting technology has become one of the most important tools for metal cutting.

However, it should be noted that the performance and process parameters may vary from one plasma cutting machine to another, so you should choose the right plasma cutting machine according to your actual needs before purchasing the equipment.

● All-welded Steel structure, X and Y axis adopt rigid synchronous linear guide, Z axis adopt electric automatic lifting, to assure cutting speed and quality.
● Dual drive , stable performance .
● The set-up is very simple, all kinds of CAD graphics can be read directly by our system. The software can edit graphics automatically.
● control system have Auto Code Converting Software. CAD drawing can be input directly into the control system through USB.
● Each operation is displayed at the screen at any moment , It make operators use our system without being trained or reading the instructions.
● Collocated indicator lights for various technical failure. failure diagnosing is clear and obvious. the maintenance will be convenient and facilitative.
● buttons for plasma torch, make the torch move to the right spot.
● have Non-volatile Memory function

CNC plasma air cutting machine parameter

ModelPlasma cutting machine P1530
Size of worktable1500mmX3000mm
Basic information 
Cutting modelPlasma or OXY fuel
Cutting thicknessPlasma cutting: 0-25mm
Oxy fuel cutting: 6-100mm
Table Structureintegral type
Drive modeAC servo motor/step motor
Guide waysquare rail way imported
CNC control systemStart/Starfire control system
Nest softwareFastcam, Smartnest
Dust extractionAir dust or water table
Available plasma torchP80
Other data 
Operation languageMultilanguage
Inclination angle2-4degree
Input power voltage3X380V+10% 50Hz

CNC desk plasma cutting machine test videos