small size laser cutting machine

small laser for metal cutting

SF series use High-precision moving system, used to cut small stainless, copper, alumimum, suitable in the advertisemnt industy,Small size fiber laser cutting machine, precision cutting, beyond expectations! Applicable to a variety of fine size workpiece cutting, easy to realize high-precision processing. Adopt advanced fiber laser technology, stable power, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Intelligent control system, simple and easy to use, one-key operation, improve productivity. For different materials, multi-functional cutting, effectively meet your diverse needs. 

small laser metal cutting machine

SF series small metal cutting machine
Laser Type
Fiber Laser
Laser Power
1000w 1500w 2000w
Laser Source
Laser Technology
Germany Technology
XYZ Working area
Max. Cutting Speed
30-50 Meters / Min (up to materials)
Max. Location speed
Laser wavelength
Minimum line width
Location precision
Re-location precision
Max Acceleration
Max. moving speed
Supporting Format
Auto cad, Corel draw, PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DST, DWG, etc
Power demand
3 PHASE AC 380V 50HZ/60HZ
Cooling Way
Water Cooling
Worktable max. load
Transmission Method
gantry type double rack servo drive
Table-driven system
Japanese Imported Servo Motor & Driving System
Focus Method
Following and Automatic Adjust Focus
Control Method
Offline Movement Control
Control software

Small format fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages that make it an efficient cutting tool widely used in modern manufacturing. Here are some advantages of small format fiber laser cutting machine:

High precision: small format fiber laser cutting machine adopts fiber laser as the cutting light source, which has excellent beam quality and focusing ability, so it can achieve high precision cutting. It can cut fine size workpieces and keep the edges flat and precise.

High-speed cutting: the beam speed of fiber laser cutting machine is very fast, which makes it able to complete a large number of cutting tasks in a short time. High-speed cutting increases productivity and reduces production cycle time.

Non-contact cutting: Fiber laser cutting is a non-contact cutting technology, the beam does not touch the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process, which reduces wear and damage during cutting and extends the life of the cutting head.

Small heat-affected area: Fiber laser cutting machine produces a small heat-affected area, which reduces thermal deformation and discoloration of the material. This results in flat cutting edges and reduces the need for subsequent processing.

Automation and Intelligent: Small format fiber laser cutting machine is usually equipped with advanced CNC control system, which makes the cutting process automated and intelligent, easy to operate, reduces manual intervention and improves productivity.

Environmental protection: fiber laser cutting process does not require the use of cutting gas, there is no waste gas generated, in line with environmental requirements.

small size laser cutting machine is a high-precision cutting tools

the small size fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in high precision, high speed cutting, flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It is an indispensable and important equipment in modern manufacturing industry!

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