fiber laser

Tube and plate integrated fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting equipment, which adopts fiber laser as the cutting light source and is widely used in cutting and processing of metal materials, especially outstanding in pipe cutting. The main feature of this kind of cutting machine is to combine the fiber laser with the cutting machine tool to form an integrated cutting system, thus realizing efficient pipe cutting operation.

Here are some features and advantages of the integrated fiber laser cutting machine for tube and plate:

High precision: fiber laser cutting technology has a highly accurate cutting ability, capable of achieving fine cutting of complex shapes, suitable for high-precision pipe cutting needs.

High-speed cutting: fiber laser has high energy density and fast cutting speed, which makes the pipe and plate integrated fiber laser cutting machine able to achieve high-efficiency cutting operation and improve production efficiency.

Automation: These cutting machines are usually equipped with advanced automation systems, which can realize automatic loading, unloading and cutting process, reduce manual intervention and improve the automation of the production line.

Flexibility: Pipe and plate integrated fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting pipes of different types and sizes, with high applicability to meet diversified cutting needs.

Non-pollution: Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method that does not require direct contact with the surface of the workpiece, so it does not mechanically deform the pipe material and does not produce waste gas and waste water, which is more environmentally friendly.

Low Energy Consumption: Fiber laser is more energy efficient and consumes less energy than traditional CO2 laser, which reduces the running cost of the equipment.

Tube and plate integrated fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in pipe manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other fields, providing efficient, accurate and reliable pipe cutting solutions for industrial production.

Machine modelFiber laser cutting machine 
size of worktable1300mmX2500mm/ 1500mmX3000mm
Laser system1000w/IPG500/1000w,2000w,3000w
Cutting tickness0-10 stainless 0-15 Mid-steel3M/6M  Φ30mm-Φ300mm
Position accuracy0.02mm
Driving modeDouble rack and pinion driving,
YASKAWAservo motor from JAPAN,ABBA high precision ball screw from TAIWAN
and REXROTH linear guide transmitting system from GERMANY
Other standard
Metal nesting software, Dual-pressure gas route of 3 kinds of gas sources, dynamic focus, ect
Laser headPRECITEC cutting head from Germany
Cooling systemIPG/Raycus supporting chiller
Format supportedPLT, DXF, AI etc
Power supply380V 50Hz
Total Power Consumption10KW
Floor space8.5m x 4.2m
Shipping container40GP FCL

Plate and tube cutting with one Machine

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