Pipe and plate cnc plasma cutting machine

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The Plate & Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine is a plasma cutting machine that combines the functions of cutting plates and pipes. The design of this machine combines the functions of plate cutting and pipe cutting, making it more flexible and versatile in its application, and can be used for both plate and pipe cutting.


  • Sheet steel: 1300X2500mm, 1500X3000mm,others
  •  Tube steel:Φ30-Φ600mm   3m/6m, others
  • Cutting thickness: 0-30mm.


CNC Tube&sheet steel plasma cutting machine adopt professional tube and sheet cutting  system, it is not only cut steel sheet and cut though steel tube, but also can cut any shape on the steel tube. It is synthesized from our 3 axis cnc tube plasma cutting machine and our steel sheet plasma cutting machine,  realize the steel tube cutting work and steel sheet cutting work by one machine

ModelPlasma cutting machine for pipe and sheet
Size of worktable1300mmX2500mm,1500mmX3000mm,Φ40-Φ300
Basic information 
Cutting modelPlasma or OXY fuel
Cutting thicknessPlasma cutting: 0-25mm
Oxy fuel cutting: 6-100mm
Table Structureintegral type
Drive modeAC servo motor/step motor
Guide waysquare rail way imported
CNC control systemStart/Starfire control system
Nest softwareFastcam, Smartnest
Dust extractionAir dust or water table
Available plasma torchP80
Other data 
Operation languageMultilanguage
Input power voltage3X380V+10% 50Hz

tube and plate plasma cutting machine test videos

Main features and advantages:

Integrated function: the plate and pipe plasma cutting machine is able to handle both flat materials and pipes at the same time, which reduces equipment acquisition and floor space.

Multi-functional cutting: By adapting different cutting heads and fixtures, it is capable of accomplishing a variety of cutting tasks for flat materials and pipes, including straight line cutting, shaped cutting and hole cutting.

Efficient production: The integrated design improves production efficiency and reduces switching and adjustment time, making the production process more continuous and efficient.

Accurate performance: The use of plasma cutting technology enables highly accurate and high-quality cutting results for a wide range of metal materials and pipes.

Flexible application: Plate and pipe plasma cutting machines are widely used in metal processing, engineering machinery, petrochemical, shipbuilding, electric power, aerospace and other fields.

Easy to Operate: The machines are usually equipped with user-friendly control systems and software that enable operators to easily control the cutting process.

It is important to note that the performance and specifications of a specific sheet and tube plasma cutting machine will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. When choosing the right equipment, it is recommended to communicate with the supplier to understand its features, technical parameters and scope of application to ensure it meets your cutting needs.